I’m Happy

I have no good news. Nothing has changed in my life. Yet Well, I’m eating healthier and trying to reduce my sugar and salt intake, if that counts as a change I just woke up this morning and deliberately wore a smile. My mind keeps wondering though…..it keeps reminding me of all my failures, things […]

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2017 Ends. Finally

How is everyone doing? ******** Everything is the same for me. Christmas/New year/Easter…..Nothing changes, nothing happens Pretty much like birthdays. I mean, how do you celebrate such things alone? Go to the pub alone and get followed afterward by a serial killer who sees you’re out alone? I stay in, order food, watch TV. ************** […]

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I’ve reached that stage in my life where I am waiting to die or the world might end and it’ll all be over. I keep failing at everything I do. I try so hard. Then I try a bit. Then I let it go. Then I summon up courage and try again. Then I just […]

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  Today isn’t one of the good ones. . Feel so depressed. I kept saying out loud ”I have no reason to live” . I cried the whole of yesterday. For no reason. . Made an effort to watch a movie I normally wouldn’t dare watch. Anything with a genre that says ‘drama/Romance/Family’  – I […]

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Paid Bills!

Guys. Guys. My Internet and Cable bills have been paid. No one knows who did that. Is this the part where I post those coded messages on instagram like ”God I know it’s you” or ”God works in mysterious ways” lol But for real. My cable has been on since september and I intentionally didn’t […]

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Hey There!

I am making a lot of effort to be HAPPY! . How to be happy for no reason is difficult. . I have this pain in my right breast. Am I scared? um, Yeah. My mum had breast cancer! The worst part is i’m one of those people that hate to touch themselves so I […]

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One day to go

I’ll be leaving London tomorrow. Want to guess how I feel? Naa, let’s not start I have too much stuff to load in my box. How did this happen? I broke my own promise and started buying stuff for people. People that have ruined my life one way or another. But anyway, I bought stuff […]

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