RIP Otto.

I’m not writing an essay about him. Just to say RIP. I already wrote about how I feel in my last post and don’t want to drag it. It’s sad he had to go this way. ***************************************** I’ve made a few job applications. 4 job applications to be precise. 3 I think I am well […]

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NK is Fvcked

Because 2 days ago I heard Otto Warmbier will be returning to the U.S ! So I was excited. Today I looked at my phone and saw that the poor boy has been in a coma!!!! WTF N.Korea?? Yes I did read the full story, blablabla about botulism…….but I don’t believe that. Those people can […]

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I’ve been eating

Everything.   I’ve been eating everything and anything I see. If except the furniture I know I should be eating healthy but I can’t help it. My boss got back from Korea with 3 ¬†huge boxes of chocolate for me. He’s evil!! I’ve been eating ice cream, fries, chicken, beef, all pastries!! I don’t know […]

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Everything cannot be hopeless

I opened an instagram account. To try again. Last week I got a DM from a guy saying I do not have to lie about my age, I’m certainly not 39!…… My face had the ”uh?” look for about 5 minutes straight! I had my age at the section for bio ”39, …………………bla bla bla” […]

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No Faith

It’s hard to have any faith left when all you’ve prayed and hoped for has not been granted to you. How do you even continue to pray? Who do you have hope or faith in? When the only supreme one you thought would help you is not even listening. Who do you go to for […]

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Thank You

To the few people that bother to read my blog. It means a lot to me. I am not so good with writing and like I pointed out before, the blog is like a therapy page for me. I’ve always needed a place to pour out my thoughts ¬†because I do not have friends I […]

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I feel Awful

Prior to the surgery I read a lot about other women have had the same surgery and they all had happy tales of recovery. Either they were all lying or something aint right. I feel very very awful. Sickly, frustrated, depressed, lonely, and in so much pain! I can’t do anything. And it’s much worse […]

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