My feelings never really change

I’m almost always frustrated, angry and depressed.

Each morning I listen to the news on radio and it’s full of new ways the handicapped illiterate set of retards ruling the nation have decided to frustrate the nation more. Useless country.

To be frank, I live in the most useless country ever. The country is so useless that I am made to believe that this is the location where hell is.

I also strongly believe that when God banished satan from heaven, satan fell to earth specifically on this location. This useless dark country!


Was out today to replace an order for a confused customer. She sent me another message later in the day to say she wanted to return again and I immediately said no that I have ran out of stock!

I will not meet with her again. I do not mind to pay her off even though she has my items.

She can have them and I will pay her off. Just to fuck off!

I decided to give out all my stock except the swimwear. They have been a huge burden for me the past 5 years. I have about 6 boxes of unsold items!! 6 huge boxes.

When buying them I didn’t put into consideration how useless the country was. I just returned from the U.K and thought I was returning to something not so bad.

I was so wrong.

So anyway, unless God is merciful enough to bless me with a miracle to sell them off, I will one day wake up and drag the boxes downstairs and leave them by the bin!

I am a woman of my words. And I give myself till August this year to do just that!


I still have not decided on going natural or not. I intend to have a retouch tomorrow morning. Maybe next year or at the end of this year I will begin the natural process. For now, Let me live!

Yes i use exclamation marks a lot!!!!!!!!


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