I will type ‘Title’ in the title box each time I can’t think of a title.

Went to my old place to get more stuff. Boxes and my mirror. It’s a hopeless environment. The day’s frustration started from there. The tight compound, no security, no gate-man, no electricity, no light, just nosy people peeping through their window.

Back to civilization. Sort of.

There’s a monkey parked on my spot. There are lots of them at my new apartment. They have no jobs. Probably into some illegal shit. Irresponsible gorillas.

Made a complaint to the estate management and informed them that I will have the vehicle towed if it isn’t moved by friday.

I’m pretty sure they’re used to threats and will pay me no mind. If they do then I will be glad.

I have no intention of having any gorilla’s vehicle towed as I know how this animals can be when they are threatened. I don’t have time for animal riots.

What I need to do is find a way out of this uncivilized hell and move to a place where people drink coffee and are polite to one another for no just course. And if anything illegal goes on around you there’s always an emergency number to call.

That said.

Headaches, thirst, eyes hurt, my body aches, I need to soak myself in a cold bath for like 5 hours!

I have 2 bottles of wine in front of me. By the time I’m done typing I must decide if it’ll be wine or coffee!


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