People are Happy on Fridays

I don’t know why. They’re just happy.

Me? Everyday is the same except I get a bowl of ice-cream which I might do today.


I picked the coffee. From my last post, Picked coffee instead of the wine.


A lot of people I’ve come across in my life have been completely useless to me.

There are people that have borrowed money and disappeared, there are people I know that will not give me the time of the day even if my life depended on it, those that are very wealthy but will keep off each time I need assistance, those that  I text and will not respond till 1 week later only because they need to ask for something, those that are scavengers, those that are plain users, those that will not speak to me because I have nothing to give them anymore, those that switch teams based on what you give to them.

And to think that I have helped a lot of these ass-holes over the years.

What I decided to do was to let them go gradually. Right now, I speak to only 3 humans in a year. [Besides the pizza and Chinese delivery guys].

One of them because he calls me once in 6 months when he probably sees a chicken cross the road and remembers me, the other one because we work together but God knows I’d let him off too-soon, the last one because I like her and she’s kinda old and lonely like me too.

So, there are days that have passed by that I have not spoken to anyone. Sometimes weeks. If I care to open my mouth at all it’ll be to brush my teeth, yawn, to check the hole in my tooth or to scream ‘Fuck’! from being irritated, disgusted or fed up!

That said. I try to be happy whenever I can. I can afford whatever I need to survive daily. I can conveniently pay my bills, though I can not afford to buy a house – yet. But I’m just ok.


Right. I’m off to put that horrible relaxer thing in my hair. That should take me like half an hour. Then I’ll be back on my computer marketing and job searching. [I’m always job searching, even if I have a job] I guess I haven’t found my calling yet. And what is that? I don’t know.


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