Bored ASF

My weekend has been awfully boring. As usual. Boring As Fuck!

But that’s ok.

I spend most of my time indoors. Since I don’t have friends, I spend my time watching horror movies on my computer and my TV is permanently on Crime channels, besides the occasional times I watch Sky news.




I’ve been eating everything. Sugar, Pastries and coffee. Everything my fibroids doesn’t need.

I intend to call the hospital this week to schedule an appointment for my surgery.

Oh God! That MRI test. I’m so dreading everything……

I’ve got to fill the hole in my tooth as well 😦

What I need to do is get everything done once and for all and stop killing myself slowly with worry




For the umpteenth time in my life someone told me today that I need to be in the U.K because my lifestyle matches perfectly with people over there [He lives in Manchester]. I’m not sure what exactly they mean. But what i’m sure of is that I hate this country, I don’t understand why people are so loud and aggressive and NO ONE GETS ME!

who’s this someone…..

Ok. One of the 3 people I ever speak with has this older sister that kinda likes me a lot. I met her on my last visit to London and She seems to be very concerned about me being alone and not having a partner especially now that i’m kinda old. She, like everyone else I’ve met in my life is astonished at how young I look for my age and feels Í deserve more [If you don’t understand, neither do I ].

That said. She established a connection between this dude and I.

What I’ve found out about him: His head is big, His belly is big, he hopes to be a politician-some day, He lives in Manchester,  has a baby mama so he’s got a little girl [drama], claims he works in a certain office, but spends most of his time at the pub or some really noisy place.

That’s what I’ve found out in 1 week. And I do not like him already. Not because of any of the things I mentioned above, but because of 2 things.

  1. I asked him his age and he did not only stall, he refused to say.
  2. I had a brief skype conversation with him and he was wearing a huge chain! Like a fucking rapper!

I have no issues letting people know my age. I’m 39! And I certainly cannot understand why people wear gigantic neck chains with a huge cross  pendant!  The way I think is, George Clooney or Hugh Grant wouldn’t wear them. So.



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