This title thing though… ‘Title’ will do.


I think my 3 friends will soon be reduced to 2. One of them is kinda psycho and I don’t think I can cope with people like that. We rarely see, but chatting with her is so gruesome!! You know when you send one message to someone and they reply you with 500 messages trying to dissect and analyse your one message? Yeah.

But anyway, I’ve got 2 lovely friends outside the country. One in Pakistan, the other in Germany. Both married with kids.

I’m always elated to hear from them. They’re happy and always bring fresh thoughts and excitements. Everyone outside this country seems to be living a healthy life!



It’s so bloody hot today I did most of my work in my tshirt and panties!

It’s been a calm day for me besides the horrible weather. I’m happy.

I had to get lots of fruits and veggies today. haven’t had any in almost a week. That’s not healthy

I’m not one of those fitness freaks, but I try to eat quite a reasonable amount of fruits or vegetables at least 3 times a week. I walk virtually everyday and run maybe twice a week.

My skin has refused to clear up. I’m hoping since I’ve settled into a better apartment now and work isn’t stressful anymore, maybe it’ll clear up soon. Fingers crossed. I’ve had a clear and beautiful skin all my life till recently. Precisely from the past 7 years, it’s been terrible for me. My skin started to get worse about 3 years ago. Only my face.

Last week I saw someone I used to know back in Uni, the first thing she said when she saw me was that I looked like ‘cake’ ! [Don’t ask] She said my skin looked like a cupcake and she could literally eat me! [yes I was alarmed]. She also went on and on about how beautiful my hair looked and couldn’t believe it was really my hair [she touched it!] I’ve got really short hair b the way. barely touching my chin, but I guess it’s the color and the way I pack it up that seems impressive. Impressive only to people from this parts…

Whatever,  maybe I do not look that baaad, but I know my body, my skin, my hair…and I know I could look far better than I do now. Though I’m getting older, I’m one of those that get better with age. If I can say so myself 🙂



I completed my online HR Course today. I’m happy I did that and hopefully I’ll get into more online courses. What else can I do with my spare time ? I’d rather improve my knowledge.



Hope everyone has a great week





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