Random Fuckeries

Fuckery – The stupid apartment complex decided to paint the common area, and since my single studio window is facing this area, my entire cubicle reeks of paint! Those fumes are toxic!!!

I honestly wanted to bust everyone’s head last night but sat in a yoga pose and counted to hundred. Then I shut myself in my room and watched a horror movie on my laptop since I don’t have a TV in my room. Horror movies make me happy. It’s strange isn’t it? Same way I can’t eat when I’m unhappy.

I see a lot of TV programs, people who are overweight talk about what led to their overeating, they always blame it on some sad event – they lost a loved one or were abused blablabla…… I can’t understand them but I respect everyone’s savageness! I cannot even drink a glass of water when I am sad. How can I possibly want to eat a burger and soda when my mum is lying in a coffin? I don’t get it. Guess it’s same way people won’t get how I derive happiness from a horror flick. Each to his own :/



More Fuckery – I tried to donate some bras to a Breast Cancer Org and the goat I spoke to said they do not need them. I understand, because those who have lost a breast or two need mastectomy bras, It’s the way the goat said ‘No we don’t want’! It reassured me that this country will NEVER improve. The only way there can be change in this country is if the British return to colonize them again and make some subjects compulsory from Kindergarten! Subjects like:

  • ”Going to church by the second cannot save you”
  • ”be nice to your neighbors”
  • ”Do not sell your soul for money”
  • ”Men are allowed to say sorry, please and thank you”
  • ”allow your neighbor to succeed. It is allowed!”
  • ”say sorry when you are wrong”
  • ”Do not steal”
  • ”Drive like a human. There is no competition. Drive normally”
  • ”You can actually do your job without collecting bribe. It is possible.”



What was I talking about………………………….. Oh yes the bras. So yeah, I’m still stuck with them. Hopefully I will get the opportunity to give them out to people who need them. To be honest, I’m seriously considering sending them back to the U.K where I bought them. I can give them to a charity over there and they can sell or give them out for free. The organisations over there are more structured and people are honest compared to the ones here.




Finally had the tooth filling thingy at the dentists place. I felt nothing. And the procedure was nothing like I read online which made me know that there is an endless amount of incompetent clueless fuckeryclan in this country. God help me during my fibroids surgery!



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