Much Better

How I feel today.

It’s always better when I vent and let everything out at once. Once it all comes out there isn’t any anger or frustration left. It’s like emptying a em,….actually it’s like emptying anything :/


My surgery will be in the Last week of the month.

My birthday is on Friday. Every 7th of April I try not to go anywhere. I get pissed off easily and people in this country are the demons of the earth. So to stay happy I always stay indoor. Unless I’m in London then I go out for a long walk and buy whatever I want, then return home.

Tomorrow I will go get some stuff to eat. Enough to last me another 4 days. Though Ice-cream is bad for my fibroid, You bet I’ll still get some.

I don’do drugs, I don’t smoke, I don’t party, I don’t do anything Illegal, and then the only thing [besides horror movies] that makes me happy is supposed to be bad for my health. Fuck the entire world!!!! I’ll get a bucket of Ice-cream. On top of that I’ll get myself an Ice-cream cake!!

Once I get all the goodies, I stay in, do a bit of exercise, do a bit of work, then watch movies the rest of the day. How do I exercise when I don’t go out? I run the entire circumference of the living room. Somethings I go round like 200 times!! A space of about 320sq ft.  Me thinks -_-

I actually do steps of about 11,000 without leaving the house. I’m not kidding. Yesterday without intentionally exercising I did about 9,000 steps. Within the house/office.

I have one of those smart watches that tracks everything. Heart, sleep, steps, KM, running etc.

Today, I’m working on taxes and other accounting stuff I hate. But oh well.


I pray everyone reading today has a blessed and peaceful day.



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