Another Title

Because I can’t think of a title.

Why do we have to put a fucking title?




Went for the Pre-op tests today. Everything that happened and shouldn’t happen as I predicted did.

If I had a dollar for every time I get asked if that’s my hair, If thats my nails, If I’m really that age, I should have been the wealthiest woman in the world by now.

I call them the useless gifts. Youth, strong pretty nails and full healthy hair.

They’re useless because they simply are of no use to me.

Looking like a kid, I get disrespected a lot. All the time. Especially in this foolish country where they only give you respect if you’re fat, Ugly, can shout or you’re rich. And I’m none of that. So.

Having pretty hair…..well, that can be explained. I do not have a full head of hair. My hair is quite short and It breaks a lot. I use the best hair products which I buy when I’m in London and get enough supplies to last me till my next trip there.

But because this people cannot see beyond the ordinary, they think it’s A LOT! I would like to simply explain it as ‘packaging’ for idiots. I pack it up nicely in a way that makes it look like it’s longer/fuller than it really looks, then It has streaks of light brown and the silver grey hair has taken over the right side! So anywhere I go I’m sure to ‘Turn heads’ because no one can explain the black, light brown and silver colors. And no it isn’t hideous, It’s actually really pretty and weird. Especially in a society where all the girls have weaves on their head. Wigs and weaves. They all look the same and stupid in their fake ass long weaves. Stupid as fuck!

The nails. They grow like a disease. That’s what I told the nurse when she told me to remove my artificial nails. I said they’re mine. And then the awkward long silence staring down at them…followed by can you cut them? ”Sure, they grow like a disease”. I’ll cut them this month and by June they look like claws.



I’ll happily submit myself to any scientific study if I’m offered that opportunity.

Thinking about it. Scientists and researchers need to get off their fat ass and move round the world to find answers to certain questions such as – how to stay young. I’m pretty sure some people [e.g the irritating kardashian clans] will gladly pay a lot if there’s a pill to stay young longer.



I’m tired 😦 what am I typing??????

It’s about 2:50 pm now and I’m still not hungry. But I’m emotionally and physically tired. I’m anxious about the surgery. Need it to be over already.




oh, I’m happy I now weigh 55kg!! That’s awesome. Finally gained a little. Hope that weight stays. Virtually my entire life I’ve been underweight. No matter how many bowls of ice-cream and junk food I eat. I stay skinny as a lizard!






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