They say it’s Easter

It’s good friday today.

Sunday is supposed to be Easter Sunday.

Each day is like every Normal day to me. Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Muslim holidays….. It makes no difference to me.

I’m home watching a movie or Crime Investigation series and eating and wondering when the world will end already.



I don’t like parties, crowd…..people all shouting and talking at the same time and trying to outdo each other in terms of dressing or who talks the smartest shit in the room! No!

After diagnosing myself with Agoraphobia years ago, I fought it and kinda won. Kinda.

I still fear going out, which is why I’d rather take a job I can do from home. It pays less but gives me peace of mind and I can have little or no human contact for months. That’s like a huge achievement for me.

I hate socializing.  It’s just me.

I will come visit for 5 mins if you’ve lost a loved one and that’s about it. All other occasions, IF I ever get an invite, I will not attend.

Well, that’s why I have no friends.



Sometimes I wish I had a really close friend though.

Someone I can talk to, have a chat at 6am or 1am. Skype sometimes or whatsapp funny messages to each other. I admit I’ve often felt like that a few times. Like this morning. I really wished I had someone to skype with……..





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