Everything cannot be hopeless

I opened an instagram account. To try again.

Last week I got a DM from a guy saying I do not have to lie about my age, I’m certainly not 39!……

My face had the ”uh?” look for about 5 minutes straight!

I had my age at the section for bio ”39, …………………bla bla bla” and of course I posted a couple of pictures.

So I guess that’s why no one follows. Because I have that ”fictional” age up there and my picture looks 20!!

I had the age up in the bio because after about a week of opening the account I noticed a lot of 15 – 20 year olds around my ‘instagram room’ lol. And since I put up my age all that has stopped. Sadly other things have stopped too.


I strongly believe that’s why a lot of dating sites reject my account when I try to open one. Everything looks o.k till I post a picture. So in my mind I think they look at the age, look at the picture – THEN they check the IP address and go ”ah!! this fraudsters!!”

Next thing I know my new dating profile has been deactivated!

Actually some sites outside this useless country ban IP Addresses from here and that’s fine with me because I would totally do the same if i was from another country.

The sad thing is, it affects the innocent and genuine ones. Like myself.

So I guess for now, no more dating site.


Back to instagram. Sooo, I saw this really cute guy [eyes rolling]

He’s got my last name and he has the looks I like [don’t ask me what look] Let’s just say I don’t like the perfect Anderson Cooper look, but more like the Johnny Depp kinda guy.

So, after liking all his pictures, even the ugly ones, I still didn’t get any attention from him. I did that because I read somewhere that if you like a lot of pictures you’re sure to catch the person’s attention. I’ve had a few people do that with me and I went on their profile to have a look, Like back or follow them back.

Then I did the unthinkable, I sent him a DM!!! [I know right] 😦

I slid into his DM. I’m actually laughing out right now! That was a total disaster because my ‘Hi’ went unanswered and it thought me a lesson. Never do that again! I don’t want to look like a psycho stalking guys on intagram.

I’ll keep my account running for a few months before I deactivate it. I don’t have friends so being on instagram is a bit awkward. I’ll have to get off it sooner or later.

People share pictures of family and friends and travels etc. But I don’t have any of those and I rarely travel anymore. So you see, a few pictures of a girl’s pretty face and a few books isn’t that much fun.


It really does seem like a lot of odds are against me.

I’ll pray for good luck and hope for the best.






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