NK is Fvcked

Because 2 days ago I heard Otto Warmbier will be returning to the U.S ! So I was excited.

Today I looked at my phone and saw that the poor boy has been in a coma!!!! WTF N.Korea??

Yes I did read the full story, blablabla about botulism…….but I don’t believe that. Those people can mix herbs together to do right about anything!

Its so sad. It really brought down my spirit this morning. And I don’t even know who Otto is. I feel sorry for him and his parents.


On a lighter note. I’m planning on taking better care of myself. So i’m reading and watching a lot of videos. Mostly home remedy stuff. Apparently vitamin E, Coconut oil and Vaseline do a lot of wonders when used correctly.

I intend to TRY to grow my lashes, clear my rough face and eat less carbs and whatever it is i’m eating that makes my stomach big. The fibroids is out but my belly fat is still there. It’s sickening. I’m so skinny and yet I have a belly. wtf??

Too much struggle going on in my life right now 😦

I also intend to make an extra effort to be grateful. Not sure what I should be grateful for but just walk around with a grateful heart. At least I can see, eat, watch tv, em…. i can drink water, em……I can walk without any restrictions, …..

Look, its gonna be VERY DIFFICULT with the tons of issues I have going on right now! But I’ll try to be happy and thankful for little things.


I hate all those ‘Positive Mind and attitude’ quotes and books! I hate them.


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