RIP Otto.

I’m not writing an essay about him. Just to say RIP.

I already wrote about how I feel in my last post and don’t want to drag it. It’s sad he had to go this way.


I’ve made a few job applications. 4 job applications to be precise.

3 I think I am well qualified for and 1 I know I am not. They needed someone with a PHD and of course, yours truly does not hold that doctorate.  Or Masters. So….fingers crossed for the other 3.

My current job is fun and I am very relaxed at it. There are of course the occasional rough moments and stressful hours but it’s the best I’ve had in years. The pay is crap and I get on by retailing Lingerie and swimwear which I enjoy. Except I’m currently in the process of ending that too. Unless I miraculously own a store or can afford a delivery person, I have to end it.

Well, this useless country isn’t like other developed countries were you can send items by post. Nope. Try it and your package will never get to it’s destination. If it does, it might take months.

So it’s one of two things, you open a store and sell from there or you pay a delivery guy. I don’t sell enough to be able to afford a delivery guy, neither do I have millions to pay for a store so……

I’ve spent so much on my health and rent and other expenses including helping out my sister a few too many times, It will be in my best interest to get a second job! For someone like me who hates to beg, I better get another job. Quick.

It’s pretty frustrating this country. You cannot get to do simple things.

I can’t even take a walk anytime I want. You need to be vigilant.


Anyway. Today has been a great one.

Mostly because I got a lot of fresh fruits, finally. And my car didn’t give me any issue.

Oh, and it rained.  The weather is cool when it rains and I love it when it’s cool 🙂


Still husband searching on Instagram 😦


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