I’m Reading

My entire life I hated the concept of ‘Studying’. I hate reading.

I only search for and read stuff to gain information on something I need at that moment.

Like how I spent so much time reading about fibroids. And then no more.

But, I want to make a conscious effort to read books that will improve my knowledge of – Anything.

Random books.

I must also add that I am a slow reader and sometimes it takes a while for me to comprehend certain things. A minute. But Not always.

Other times before I’m done reading a sentence I already know what the entire chapter is about and I’m usually right as I find out at the end of it.

Another sad challenge I have is that I lose interest in things easily. Nothing distracts me, I just don’t want to continue anymore. Same problem with life generally, reading, being around people,  work, movies blablabla…. The only thing that I do till the end is watch a crime program from start to finish.

Ok, I will start with ”Emotional Intelligence”. A book by Daniel Goleman. I picked it up 4 days ago and dropped it the next day. I think he’s using too many Big words!! I do understand them, but they seem so unnecessary. Like he’s trying too hard to impress his readers. I’ll pick it up again today and try to read at least 2 pages a day 🙂 lol it’s that bad


Is everyone happy? I hope you are.

I’m happy today. Though I have to step out in a bit to drop off stuff for charity. Hopefully I don’t come across any monkeys behind the wheel. Slim chance…………..


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