I’m Alive

Thanks for asking.   The Fibroids removal surgery went well. I did feel awful right after it. Thought I was dead. I hated everything and everyone including the nurses and doctors helping me! I just felt sick, weak, tired of life! *Started walking by day 2, though very much like a 200 year old woman. […]

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They say it’s Easter

It’s good friday today. Sunday is supposed to be Easter Sunday. Each day is like every Normal day to me. Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Muslim holidays….. It makes no difference to me. I’m home watching a movie or Crime Investigation series and eating and wondering when the world will end already. =============================   I don’t like […]

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Another Title

Because I can’t think of a title. Why do we have to put a fucking title? ===========================   Whatever. Went for the Pre-op tests today. Everything that happened and shouldn’t happen as I predicted did. If I had a dollar for every time I get asked if that’s my hair, If thats my nails, If […]

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Like any other day. I’m just a year older. I won’t be going into all that I’m 39 and happy shit because I’m not. I try to be happy just to stay alive and interact with people. ==   Done my cooking yesterday. Got the cake and Ice-cream. == I’ve cried twice today. Actually three […]

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Much Better

How I feel today. It’s always better when I vent and let everything out at once. Once it all comes out there isn’t any anger or frustration left. It’s like emptying a em,….actually it’s like emptying anything ==================================================== My surgery will be in the Last week of the month. My birthday is on Friday. Every […]

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My surgery will be in 2 parts. I hate that. I hate the surgeon, I hate the nurses, I hate the clinic, I hate the city, I hate the country! I am very unhappy with the closest person to me. Extremely unhappy. He never stands up for me, never defends me on anything and is […]

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Random Fuckeries

Fuckery – The stupid apartment complex decided to paint the common area, and since my single studio window is facing this area, my entire cubicle reeks of paint! Those fumes are toxic!!! I honestly wanted to bust everyone’s head last night but sat in a yoga pose and counted to hundred. Then I shut myself […]

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