Not Fine

Not reading that ugly book anymore. Pointless. Got to the 3rd Chapter and threw it aside. . I’ve done a lot of reading of the satanic church though. Quite interesting. I intend to read more on them. . It’s that moment in an adult woman’s life when she desperately wants a child but ends up […]

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I’m Reading

My entire life I hated the concept of ‘Studying’. I hate reading. I only search for and read stuff to gain information on something I need at that moment. Like how I spent so much time reading about fibroids. And then no more. But, I want to make a conscious effort to read books that […]

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Not Better

The past one week I haven’t been feeling so good. I did have a 2 day fun weekend with my sister and a friend. We watched a movie and went tree climbing. I also went on that swinging bridge thingy they call canopy walk. I still have no idea why people were scared of it […]

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RIP Otto.

I’m not writing an essay about him. Just to say RIP. I already wrote about how I feel in my last post and don’t want to drag it. It’s sad he had to go this way. ***************************************** I’ve made a few job applications. 4 job applications to be precise. 3 I think I am well […]

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NK is Fvcked

Because 2 days ago I heard Otto Warmbier will be returning to the U.S ! So I was excited. Today I looked at my phone and saw that the poor boy has been in a coma!!!! WTF N.Korea?? Yes I did read the full story, blablabla about botulism…….but I don’t believe that. Those people can […]

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I’ve been eating

Everything.   I’ve been eating everything and anything I see. If except the furniture I know I should be eating healthy but I can’t help it. My boss got back from Korea with 3 ¬†huge boxes of chocolate for me. He’s evil!! I’ve been eating ice cream, fries, chicken, beef, all pastries!! I don’t know […]

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Everything cannot be hopeless

I opened an instagram account. To try again. Last week I got a DM from a guy saying I do not have to lie about my age, I’m certainly not 39!…… My face had the ”uh?” look for about 5 minutes straight! I had my age at the section for bio ”39, …………………bla bla bla” […]

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