I chose to believe that the world will end today. It did not. Why? I”m tired. Frustrated. Depressed. Fed up Can this world end already? Life is so pointless and sad. Let it fucking end already for fucks sakes!!!! Advertisements

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A little confusing

There’s this one friend of mine. Who also is my current boss. I don’t know how he has made it so far in life. Either by misplaced luck or some diabolical shit. You know when someone does everything stupid and usually has no clue about basic life matters? Yes, that’s him. The slightly confusing part? […]

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I’m tired. very tired. Physically, mentally, spiritually I’ve tried so hard for so many years. Praying. Working Hard. Trying not to make mistakes. Letting shit go. Being at peace with all. Friendly to a fault. Helpful to everyone. Spreading love and good vibes everywhere I go. But I never get anything I want. Things just […]

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Not Rowntrees. Emotions. Sad I’m not pregnant. Happy Because I can now carefully choose my child’s father if necessary. Happy the weather is same as London. Sad I’m still here and having to deal with foolish people. Sad I MIGHT have to move in with my sister early next year. Happy I’ll be leaving my […]

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Not Fine

Not reading that ugly book anymore. Pointless. Got to the 3rd Chapter and threw it aside. . I’ve done a lot of reading of the satanic church though. Quite interesting. I intend to read more on them. . It’s that moment in an adult woman’s life when she desperately wants a child but ends up […]

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I’m Reading

My entire life I hated the concept of ‘Studying’. I hate reading. I only search for and read stuff to gain information on something I need at that moment. Like how I spent so much time reading about fibroids. And then no more. But, I want to make a conscious effort to read books that […]

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Not Better

The past one week I haven’t been feeling so good. I did have a 2 day fun weekend with my sister and a friend. We watched a movie and went tree climbing. I also went on that swinging bridge thingy they call canopy walk. I still have no idea why people were scared of it […]

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